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Topic: «Chicken and Egg problem between Devicelock and Antivirus»

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I am in the situation that when we installed the new antivirus, we got to know its signature update failed to communicate with its server due to DL network lock, so we whitelisted the URL link in the DL policy, and when we tried to push the policy to DL agents, the antivirus firewall prevent this traffic, and we cannot control it because DL prevents antivirus agent from communicating to its server,
we got to know about this by unload the antivirus and push DL policy, it was successful

due to the big number of machines, is there a way to push DL policy through AD server using GPO?

or at least if we will plan to visit each computer, to reduce the work, is it possible to export the policy from Enterprise Server Manager, and take it in USB, and import it in the client ?

Posted: 07/26/2017 14:29:53


Ekaterina Vavilova
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is there a way to push DL policy through AD server using GPO?

Sure thing. You can install DL Service.MSI package with predefined policy juts like any other program, just create a GPO and assign DL installation MSI package to it.

Furether on, you can create a separate DL GPO and use it for deploying DL Policy via AD, for that you will only need to load a .dls file into GPO. To do this, on computer with DL Consoles installed in the Group Policy Management editor-> edit necessary GPO-> in the GPO editor expand Computer Configuration tree-> Policies-> there you find "DeviceLock" node and by right clicking this node you will have an option to load the Service Settings...-> specify the .dls file with your policy. Done.

Posted: 08/07/2017 14:44:16