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Al Rins

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As an IT overall manager, I am a bit concerned (or paranoid!) regarding logs tampering. Can the logs be tampered with? For example, System Administrator himself enabling a device or favoring his/her friend and then deleting the entry from the logs. Is there a way where I can be assured that no one including authorized System Administrators are modifying the logs.

Lastly, can the logs be directly routed (or emailed in realtime) to me as and when it generates.

Posted: 05/21/2008 09:25:31


Ekaterina Vavilova
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You can turn on DeviceLock Security and define the list of user accounts with administrative access rights to DeviceLock Service, so that no one (even local administrators) except authorized users can connect to DeviceLock Service,modify permissions, view/delete logs.

You can instruct DeviceLock to send logs to DL Enterprise Server (installed as a separate component for centralized logs/shadow data collection).

Posted: 05/21/2008 14:33:02