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Topic: «Upgrading SQL 2000 MSDE to SQL 2005 Express», Upgrade Method.

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Paul Williams

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This is my first post here, I hope someone can shed some light on my issue.
I have been charged with upgrading from SQL2000 MSDE to SQL 2005 Express, I was wondering if an SQL engine is installed as part of the initial application installation, or whether SQL MSDE is installed beforehand and then selected as part of the Activcard install?

Y'see, I have Microsoft desktop engine showing up twice in Add/Remove programs, one is RTM the other is SP4, this SP4 one is the only one I can connect to, the RTM version only seems to be present in Add/remove programs. I have learnt that if SQL MSDE shows up in Add/Remove programs then is was not installed as part of the application installation, however when I run SQL 2005 express setup, it does not detect the SP4 install of MSDE.

Has anybody here ever upgraded their version of SQL Server? Did you install SQL Express and then migrate the Activcard DB's over?

Any advice or previous experience on this would be most appreciated.

Thank you,
Posted: 10/08/2010 13:27:32


Jennifer Bousquet
Technical Support Engineer

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Activcard is not a Devicelock product, therefore we cannot provide guidance on how to best upgrade/migrate Activcard SQL databases.
It is recommended that you contact Activcard support with your inquiry.
Posted: 10/08/2010 20:42:45