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Topic: «Purge unused devices from database», Purge unused devices from database

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Andrej Radosevic

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Hi there,

We are using DeviceLock since 2009. During this period of time, we assigned around 500 devices to users.
Some of those devices are no longer in use but they are still assigned to user or group.
Now I'm trying to purge this devices from database for security reason.

What is the best way to do this?
A tried to compare devices from database with exported Audit log but it's seems to be futile job

Best regards, Andrej

Posted: 10/17/2017 13:56:27


Ekaterina Vavilova
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Hi, Andrej!

Please clarify, do you need to remove the devices from USB Database, or USB WhiteList exactly?

From database you can delete all devices at once e.g. by clicking Ctrl+A and then "Delete" in "USB Devices Database" area.

If you meant removing specific unused devices from USB WhiteList after all, then the only documented way to do this is within the console manually.

OR you can open your existing .DLS policy file in e.g. Notepad++, and do a simple "Find and replace" operations, for example, to find the line
<Unique Description="USB Removable of John Snow" Flags="0x3" ID="USB\VID_090C&PID_1000\0XWXLNNXMXY8GIRZ"/> and replace it with " ", thus for all users/groups which had this device in permissions will disappear.

The same way you can create a script to find and remove unused USB Devices from USB WL.

Posted: 10/17/2017 14:46:18