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Topic: «Explorer.EXE process freezed on Windows 7 x64», Device Lock Agent

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Cristiano Paluffi

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Joined: 06/19/2017
Hi All,
starting last week several Windows 7 x64 client, with DeviceLock Agent x64 ver. installed, freezed during file copying process from local disk to network disk or from local disk to local disk or during email moving process into PST file.
The computer back to work only if we kill the DeviceLock Service process by command line, in EventViewer Application log we found Application Hang events for Explorer.EXE process.
We didn't change any settings on our GPO policies, we also enabled DeviceLock debug on a single client but at this moment the problem didn't happen again.

Thanks for any answer.

Best Regards,

Cristiano Paluffi
Posted: 06/19/2017 15:19:47


Ekaterina Vavilova
Technical Support Engineer

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Cristiano, please note that we do not provide technical support on the forum, we ask about this in our 'Registration' pinned topic.
Your question was moved to technical support, ticket 33085.
Posted: 06/19/2017 18:04:36