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DeviceLock Customers & Partners

With its more than 15-year history on the international market, DeviceLockis protecting over 4 million computers in more than 5,000 organizations. Historically, they came from data security sensitive industries including Financial, Government, Defense, Defense Contractor, Health Care, Energy, Bio-Tech, Manufacturing, Education and Resorts & Casinos.

Some of DeviceLock DLP customers from the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific - Data Leakage Prevention by DeviceLock DLP

What Some of DeviceLocks Customers, Partners and Analysts are Saying...

"We are currently very happy with the way that DeviceLock is locking down our endpoint devices in terms of port control, but we know that we are not utilizing all the great content and network features of DeviceLocks other modules. We intend on expanding its use into those areas in the future. We are particularly interested in the ContentLock OCR capabilities, since many of the financial documents that we deal with are in a scanned electronic format. Being able to analyze electronic documents via OCR and block access or copying based on policy is something we are very excited about implementing."

Tony Trunkhill, AVP Network and Security Services, Numerica

"Microsoft is committed to helping both its business and home user customers get and stay secure. Working with companies such as DeviceLock, Inc., which promotes proactive network security through its DeviceLock product, means we are helping to spread the message beyond pure AV and firewall security, and extend it to USB and other Plug and Play devices, as well as FireWire, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and CD-Roms."

Paul Randle, Windows Client Product Manager, Microsoft UK

"A product like DeviceLock delivers high value for its intended purpose of port and device-level security. My experience with all-in-one solutions is that they do a bit of everything, but none of them very well. With DeviceLock we got features like integration with Microsofts Active Directory, so that we could structure deployment around existing groups. I installed it and had it working within a day. Were always leveraging this interface when we set-up new users and change permissions. Weve allowed certain IT Support staff the right to manage DeviceLock permission setting for various user groups; but, they cannot make global changes. DeviceLock allows us these conveniences and fine-tuning."

Tim Mugherini, Senior Manager of Network Infrastructure & Security, Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc.

"DeviceLock has been our chosen endpoint DLP security solution for years, but its compatibility with Lexar JumpDrive SAFE S3000 USB flash drives at both the encryption detection layer and unique device ID number layer with its granular whitelisting features really helps us with many levels of compliance as well as security. No other endpoint solution provides this flexibility of encryption integration."

Christopher Long, CISSP, Chief Security Officer, Washoe County Technology Services

"DeviceLock was the ideal product for us. I was primarily looking for a solution that required minimal supervision, allowing me to focus on managing our IT estate and supporting our asset managers. DeviceLock was simple to roll out and it was very competitive on cost. We have just renewed our contract and price is naturally an increasingly important consideration in the current environment. Until we purchased DeviceLock, our policy was to disable USB totally. With the advent of newer PCs with only USB mice and keyboards, this was clearly not a sustainable situation."

Bruce Paterson, IT Manager, Ignis Asset Management

"We liked that DeviceLock uses a native Microsoft Windows mechanism, Active Directory, for user account access and audit policies. Another attractive feature is the ability to turn on auditing and tracking, without necessarily controlling access to ports and drives. Our approach to compliance starts with setting clear policies and then training all staff in the behaviors that support those policies. In this first stage, we simply want to be able to observe and to have the ability to hold someone accountable if they upload or download contrary to policy."

Paul Fottler, IT Operations Supervisor, Mammoth Hospital

"We are still finding out very useful functions of DeviceLock, for example adding specific devices to the USB database is very valuable to us. You can also do a remote install without the user being involved, which saves huge amounts of time as it doesnt require us to visit each PC, or reboot, which again is very efficient."

Matthew Cole, Weblight

"DeviceLock has enabled us to put in place policies and enforcement technologies to ensure that they do not pose a security threat to the company. DeviceLock is a cost effective and flexible solution. From the minute we tested it we knew it was the right system."

Philip Rich, Paris Smith & Randall LLP

"Since 2005 the City of London Police have been successfully using Devicelock to manage device security across the enterprise. This has provided central access control for device management and audit control of information being transferred to and from the secure environment onto portable media. Robust monitoring has been developed using Devicelock and this provides me with a high degree of confidence in the security of our information."

Gary Brailsford, City of London Police

"Keyloggers are a major concern for companies of all sizes. It takes almost no time for someone with malicious intent to install one on a PC, and start siphoning off valuable data. Even a six-year old child can do it as a recent experiment at the House of Commons, a highly secure building shows. With DeviceLock in place we have made sure that we are not vulnerable to these kinds of attack."

Craig Thomas, Irwin Mitchell

"A program like DeviceLock, in combination with the authorisation policy in groups and in the workflow, determines whos allowed to carry data on a USB stick, for example, and who isn't. There's also an extra way of checking up on who takes what home with them. I think we're heading more and more towards portal-type security systems."

John Verkooijen, Stahl

"DeviceLock has brought order to an environment where over 850 users were able to access files of potentially large sizes and store them on the file servers. Until we purchased DeviceLock, we had no knowledge within the IT Department of the scale of this problem or any way to control it except by disabling USB totally. With the advent of newer PCs with only USB mice and keyboards, this was clearly not a sustainable situation."

Mike Harrod, Christ's Hospital

"Our main reason for choosing DeviceLock is that it became clear that not only is it incredibly effective, it also offers exceptional value for money. In fact, it represented by far the best value for money compared to the other products we tested (such as DeviceWall, Sanctuary Device Control, Safend Protector, etc.)."

Trevor Tannenbaum, Cambridge Building Society

"Users are now unable to access devices without our consent. Without DeviceLock we would not have been able to monitor in such a way and could have been at danger of being infected by viruses and Trojans via a number of unknown devices."

David Matthewman, Norwich and Peterborough Building Society

"DeviceLock was the software solution that best met our needs. We had no significant problems implementing DeviceLock. True, people don't like to have their freedom limited when it comes to connecting devices through the USB and other ports of their PCs; but, our employees accept that it is a security necessity."

M. van de Meent, Triodos Bank

"We have a requirement where I work that only privileged users have access to floppy disk, CDROM and zip drives and serial ports.

I searched for suitable tools on the internet and found a number of different ones. The only one I found that enabled me to secure these devices within WinNT, W2K and WinXP was DeviceLock.

Also, this is the only program I found that provided me with the same level of security when a DOS command prompt was activated.

Excellent product."

Avery Hilditch, BAE SYSTEMS

"So far it has solved a problem with our users loading unauthorized software on the systems. It is so simple and it works..."

Pat Hanks, Accu-Tech Corporation

"We are very happy with your software in our Company. We have around 100 users in our net and the administration who is cleared to use the disks is very easy and fast i.e. for the administration of our clients in the branches."

Markus Jolas, KBM Motorfahrzeuge GmbH&Co. KG

"The most valuable features of the DeviceLock product is that it gives our company control over the use of the CD/DVD drives and USB connectivity. The "White List " control is particularly useful. We first heard about DeviceLock from an IT Company here in Guernsey back in 2005, and we read up on the product on the Internet before purchasing then. We are now upgrading to a new version that will work on Windows 7."

Tony Martel, Ardel Holdings

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