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Russia’s Second Largest Bank Uses DeviceLock® Software To Strengthen Endpoint Security

DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint device control and context-aware data leak prevention solutions, today announced that its DeviceLock® software has been chosen for deployment by VTB Bank, the second largest universal bank in the Russian Federation. All VTB Bank offices and branches will have DeviceLock protection on employee computers to prevent data leaks by enforcing corporate policies with regard to the use of peripheral devices.

VTB Bank is the dominating member of the VTB Group, a leading Russian financial group with a presence in 17 countries around the world. VTB offers a wide range of services in corporate, retail and investment banking. It is among the top three national retail banks with a network of 1001 outlets in Russia and the CIS. Among VTB Bank’s main borrowers are industrial enterprises and foreign trade companies. International rating agencies Moody`s Investors Service, Standard & Poor`s and Fitch have traditionally assigned VTB the highest possible rating for Russian banks. “Banker” magazine has ranked VTB the 60th among the world’s 1000 largest banks by capital.

To maintain its reputation for financial reliability, VTB Bank is constantly strengthening the IT security infrastructure that protects its information assets. It strives to combat not only external threats to its network and data, but also the threat of data loss or theft due to negligence or malfeasance on the part of corporate insiders. The bank wanted greater control over its employees’ ability to connect removable storage devices, like USB flash drives, personal mobile devices like smartphones, and PDAs to the local ports at their workstations, recognizing how easy it would be to leak client financial and personal information through these channels. To proactively combat this threat, the Bank IT security administration decided to implement an enterprise-class endpoint device control solution across the entire company’s IT infrastructure.

After researching available solutions and conducting thorough evaluations of several identified candidates, VTB Bank chose DeviceLock software from DeviceLock, Inc. (formerly SmartLine). This choice was based on several DeviceLock functional advantages including native integration of its management component with Microsoft Active Directory®; traffic compression of audit log and data shadowing files so as to speed network transfer to the central Log Server database; and coverage of the printer output channel. DeviceLock is currently the only product in its category to control and audit end user access to any type of printer – locally attached, network, or virtual printers. Another major selection criterion was simplicity of deployment and administration across a large-scale IT infrastructure that is geographically spread across a wide territory. VTB’s operations span the breadth of the entire Russian territory and many other countries. The fact that DeviceLock can be remotely deployed and centrally managed ensured that it met this requirement. In addition, DeviceLock is designed to be extremely stable and tamper-proof, with full protections against disabling or deleting the product by end users or local systems administrators. VTB Bank will deploy DeviceLock in its Headquarters Office in Moscow, as well as in fifty nine branches and local offices across the entire Bank’s IT system. The bank has also purchased a three-year product support and upgrade contract to effectively maintain its large-scale DeviceLock deployment.

"We are very proud to become the endpoint security provider of choice for VTB Bank," said Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock Founder and CTO. "For us, this project represents a significant milestone in our growth as an enterprise security solution provider. DeviceLock is ready to accept the high-level responsibility of protecting the endpoint computers of the second largest Russian universal bank. Serving customers of this size and caliber will push our product and support offering to a new level of excellence."

DeviceLock-based software solutions proactively protect organizations of any industry and size against data leakage and corporate network infiltration by malware via the local ports of employees’ computers. DeviceLock significantly reduces business risks resulting from insider negligence, errors or malicious actions.

Designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems and featuring comprehensive central management natively integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, DeviceLock software enables the precision control, logging, shadow-copying, and auditing of end-user access to any type of computer port and peripheral device including local, network and virtual printers, as well as Windows Mobile® and Palm® OS based personal mobile devices. To protect data on removable storage devices DeviceLock integrates with leading encryption products from PGP, Lexar, and TrueCrypt. In addition, DeviceLock blocks operations of USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers.

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