Data Loss Prevention Case Studies

Irwin Mitchell proves commitment to information security

London, UK ľ 2007 National Law Firm of the Year, Irwin Mitchell, has demonstrated the value it places on data security and confidentiality by rolling out SmartLine's DeviceLock« endpoint security solution across the organisation. The DeviceLock« solution, which Irwin Mitchell purchased from reseller, GSS, ensures that no information can be removed or copied from the corporate system without appropriate authorisation.

DeviceLock« controls access to all ports and devices on the company's network, including USB ports and memory sticks, CD-ROMs, portable storage devices, MP3 players, FireWire, WiFi and Bluetooth. It also protects organisations from keylogging attacks. But unlike solutions that simply disable the port completely, DeviceLock« offers a layer of management, so that the IT department can set and change settings. This means that certain types of equipment, or even individual devices and ports, can be blocked completely, or limited to particular users or groups of users.

"Our data, and that of our clients, needs to be protected at all times. We recognise that one of the most common ways to lose it is through otherwise innocuous portable storage devices that users connect to our network," said Craig Thomas from Irwin Mitchell. "With DeviceLock we can protect the endpoints on our system, and still have the flexibility that enables our staff to use laptops when they need to ľ without compromising the security of our network and the data that is held on it."

DeviceLock« also protects Irwin Mitchell against potential threats from hardware keyloggers. Craig Thomas says: "Keyloggers are a major concern for companies of all sizes. It takes almost no time for someone with malicious intent to install one on a PC, and start siphoning off valuable data. Even a six-year old child can do it ľ as a recent experiment at the House of Commons, a highly secure building ľ shows. With DeviceLock in place we have made sure that we are not vulnerable to these kinds of attack."

Sacha Chahrvin, SmartLine Managing Director UK, says: "Irwin Mitchell is a very well-respected law firm that prides itself on its innovative use of IT. The company is proactively ensuring it isn't vulnerable to security breaches by putting all the necessary systems and protection in place before a problem has occurred, DeviceLock is helping Irwin Mitchell to protect valuable data, and ensures that the firm stays on the right side of data protection legislation."

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