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Stopping HIPAA data breaches should be your top priority for 2016

HIPAA data breaches are on the rise, and the penalties (including fines AND jail time) for non-compliance are hitting healthcare organizations hard. In fact, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), recently levied a record $5.5M fine on Chicago-based Advocate Health Care for three 2013 HIPAA data breaches.

Here are just a few of the recent HIPAA data breach stories:

HIPAA data breaches are not going away, and whether they are caused maliciously by hackers or accidentally by trusted employees, you have to act fast to stop them, or at the minimum, to mitigate your organization’s risk.

Endpoint data leak prevention (DLP) is a critical part of any strategy to stop HIPAA data breaches. Why? The answer is simple: endpoints are where the bulk of data breaches happen.

The good news is that an effective endpoint DLP solution can be implemented in days/weeks and not take months/years. And it doesn’t require a complex internal process, expensive VAR/vendor services, or endless analyst meetings to get up and running.

In fact, DeviceLock’s best of breed DLP solution recently received its 4th perfect 5-star rating from SC Magazine, including 5 stars for “ease of use and implementation”.

DeviceLock DLP is already used by healthcare organizations around the world, and in fact, a major HIPAA compliance organization in the US has deployed it across all their endpoints (numbering in the several thousands).

  • We’ve created a short piece on how DeviceLock DLP can help you stop data breaches and work toward achieving HIPAA compliance, including device/port control, content filtering, network blocking, and content eDiscovery. Click here to read it.

If implementing endpoint DLP is not on your current IT project schedule, then it’s time to make it a TOP priority. Network-based DLP gateways and appliances do little or nothing to prevent data breaches at the endpoint. The potential fines/loss of reputation of a data breach absolutely swamp the costs of deploying a best of breed DLP solution like DeviceLock.

If you’d like to trial the DeviceLock DLP Suite for 30 days, please visit our website at: For more information on DeviceLock’s DLP solutions, call us at 925-231-4400 or email to us.sales (at) to talk to one of our endpoint security specialists.