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Stopping Actual Data Breaches in a Virtualized Environment

Whether your organization has deployed a fully virtualized environment like Citrix or VMWare, or youre using a remote desktop app to access your corporate data and applications from your BYOD device or home computer, you are still vulnerable to an endpoint initiated data breach and are still in need of a data leak prevention solution.

But the good news is that DeviceLock offers data leak prevention tools specific to virtualized environments! This includes session-based and streamed desktops and applications, as well as local virtual machines on hypervisors. We call this DeviceLock Virtual DLP.

DeviceLock's Virtual DLP features provide the ability to prevent data leaks when using leading desktop and application virtualization solutions like Citrix XenApp/ XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS and VMWare View.

Running on a VDI Host or Terminal Server, DeviceLock "remotes" content-aware endpoint DLP policies to the connected device to create a virtual endpoint DLP agent that prevents uncontrolled data exchanges to locally attached media, hosted applications and network connections of the device while "in session". This includes physical channels such as clipboard control, mapped drive control, USB device whitelisting and network channel control. This approach unifies DeviceLock DLP across physical and virtual Windows and BYOD environments.

So even though you have gone virtual, you still have all the actual data leak prevention features of DeviceLock DLP protecting your virtual endpoints.

You can read more about DeviceLocks Virtual DLP on our website here:

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