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A USB stick containing confidential details about Heathrow security has been found in a London street

Heathrow Airports secret security planning has been revealed in files on a memory stick.

The USB memory stick contained documents outline routes and safeguards for the Queen, foreign dignitaries and top politicians using airport. It also contained maps showing the location of CCTV cameras around the airport as well as tunnels and shafts used for the Heathrow Express.

Other files describe the ultrasound detection system for protecting the perimeter fence and the runways, and detail the ID requirements for accessing every area of the airport. The unencrypted USB drive was found just 10 miles from Heathrow.

There are at least one and a half major problems with the Airport's information security policy:

- It was possible to transfer confidential information to an external media and...

- It was possible to store this sensitive data on the unprotected (unencrypted) drive.

It is worth to mention that DeviceLock DLP can detect encrypted disks (USB flash drives and other removable media) and define flexible access control policies to prevent writing sensitive data to unencrypted media.