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Portable USB and FireWire devices pose security threat

Emerging USB and FireWire technologies allow massive amounts of data to be transferred at lightning speeds. Devices continue to decrease in size, and the storage capacity keeps multiplying. All this makes for fast, efficient, and convenient information exchange, but there is a downside - security.

Firewalls and antivirus software are no defense against the latest form of computer attack that comes via open USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports. Not only can viruses, worms and Trojans get into the corporate network this way, but valuable data can leave the company in huge quantities.

Unfortunately, standard access control solutions coming with Windows operating systems do not allow the assignment of permissions for USB and FireWire ports. Restricting these devices in the corporate environment will be next to impossible. Their small size allows for easy concealment anywhere on the body or in a bag.

All that disgruntled employees need to do is to connect a small digital camera or MP3 Player to the USB or FireWire port of any unattended computer and they are able to download confidential data or upload harmful viruses. Since the malicious attack is launched from within the organization, firewalls and antivirus software are not alerted.

You can't manage USB and FireWire using Group Policy but you can control end-user access to these devices with DeviceLock«á - an inexpensive software solution from DeviceLock, Inc.! DeviceLock« provides system administrators control over which users can access certain devices on a local computer. You do not need to physically remove or block any hardware. All you need is to install the software and assign the appropriate privileges to each user.

DeviceLock« protects your network by locking unauthorized user access to USB and FireWire ports, as well as many other Plug and Play devices. What you get is the full control over which users, when and how will be able to use portable storage devices inside your corporate network.

DeviceLock« is effective on large networks as well as individual workstations. Being extremely user friendly, it does not require administrators to pour over help manuals just to learn how to use this program effectively.

Download a free trial copy and try DeviceLock« now!

With DeviceLock« you can:

  • Control which users or groups can access USB and FireWire ports, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, CD-ROMs, floppy drives, other removable devices
  • Control access to devices depending on the time of day and day of the week
  • Create the white list of USB devices which allows you to authorize only specific devices that will not be locked regardless of any other settings
  • Set devices in read-only mode
  • Protect disks from accidental or intentional formatting
  • Flush unsaved file buffers (very useful for removable media)
  • Control all functions remotely
  • Install and uninstall it automatically.