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About Active Registry Monitor

Active Registry Monitor (ARM) is an utility designed for analyzing the changes made to Windows Registry - by making the "snapshots" of it and keeping them in the browsable database. You can compare any two snapshots and get the list of keys/data which are new, deleted or just changed. ARM can do comparing not only in the entire Registry, but also in any key of the Registry. It is also possible to exclude any keys of the Registry from compare results. Moreover, you can create undo/redo files (for example, to rollback the changes). To view the current state of a key, or to modify it, you can use Jump to Regedit function. Contents of any key can be exported to *.reg file.

Very useful for detecting trojan viruses and elimination some problems caused by software and hardware install/uninstall.

Unlike Registry monitoring software (such as RegMon and Win-Expose Registry), and most uninstallers (CleenSweep, Uninstall, etc.), ARM compares full copies of the Registry made at different times, while the software mentioned above just monitors all accesses to the Registry in real time. So, our method allows to track all the changes, and doesn't affect the system performance.

Here is a brief list of ARM features:


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions. You will find much of interest concerning ARM.