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DeviceLock, Inc announces the first Release Candidate version of DeviceLock® DLP Suite 8.2!

DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint data leak prevention software solutions, announced the Release Candidate version of DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.2.

What's New in DeviceLock 8.2 Release Candidate 1:

  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Facebook, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki Social Network controls. When NetworkLock is able to detect the recipient of messages sent to these social networks, it specifies the real recipient’s name in audit & shadow logs.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced support for Jabber and IRC Instant Messenger protocols.
  • DeviceLock: New feature: The DeviceLock Enterprise Server (DLES) module can now deploy security policies to agents across the organization’s network as an alternative to DeviceLock administrative consoles and/or GPOs. DeviceLock supports two ways to deliver policy template files from the DLES to agents: “push” (server pushes policy by DL administrator’s request) and “pull” (DeviceLock agent can be configured to query for policy by itself on a schedule or the endpoint user can make ad hoc requests of the DLES for updated policy).
  • DeviceLock: Visual enhancements implemented for Relations reporting chart.
  • DeviceLock: Improved Core module stability – Windows OS.
  • Beta 2:

  • NetworkLock: Enhanced OneDrive File Sharing web service controls.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA), Hotmail and Web Mail controls.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, LiveInternet, LiveJournal, MySpace, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki Social Network controls.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Skype control. Added support for Web-based Skype.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced outgoing files support for IRC.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced core module stability.
  • DeviceLock Search Server: New feature to keep search server’s index up-to-date. This means that Search Server removes records from the index when corresponding records are deleted from DeviceLock Enterprise Server’s logs.
  • DeviceLock: Added full support for Apple macOS 10.12 (Sierra).
  • DeviceLock: Enhanced items highlighting and overall navigation on Relations Chart.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that prevented the quantity of connections between users/accounts to affect relation line thickness.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed intermittent issue caused inability to apply DeviceLock Service settings embedded in msi package upon msi package installation.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that caused lack of error message in DeviceLock Enterprise Server’s Log when report was failed to send via email.
  • Beta 1:

  • NetworkLock: Enhanced HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/FTPS protocols support.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Dropbox, Google Drive File Sharing web service controls.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Google Hangouts support for Google+ Social Network control.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Skype control.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced support for inline images for Web Mail services.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced support for SSL traffic blocking using "Block proxy traffic" option.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced "Basic IP Firewall" function – now the traffic is blocked immediately when the data transfer begins rather than beginning when 8KB or more traffic has been generated.
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced auditing for Connection events when the connection is performed using a proxy server. Now, audit logs contain the address of both the proxy server and the address of real destination host.
  • NetworkLock / ContentLock: "Shadow Copy" option now available for all supported protocols (except Any, SSL, and Telnet) in Protocols White List rules and Content-Aware rules for devices and protocols. This flag can override all device-level (and protocol-level) shadowing options. Also, "Log Event", "Send Alert" and "Shadow Copy" flags can be set to an "Inherited" state. This state allows audit, alert and shadowing settings to be inherited from a higher level in the permissions hierarchy (device-level or protocol-level or Protocols White List level).
  • ContentLock: Added ability to perform content analysis for files transferred to "TS Devices - Mapped Drives" when performing access control operations. Coupled with the previous abilities to content filter shared Clipboard activities, this is a major enhancement for virtualized OS use case scenarios where ContentLock is needed for inspection and filtering of RDP/ICA/RDS/VDI sessions [Virtual DLP (VDLP)].
  • ContentLock: Added support to control Local sender Email(s) and Remote recipient Email(s) for IBM Notes, MAPI, SMTP, Web Mail and Local sender ID(s) and Remote recipient ID(s) for ICQ/AOL Messenger, IRC, Jabber, Agent, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger using "Document Properties" content filters.
  • Search Server: Added new search options. It is now possible to specify Sender, Recipient, Source and File Type options in search query.
  • Search Server: Added support for Boolean operators (AND, OR) for all search fields.
  • DeviceLock / Discovery: Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
  • DeviceLock: Added new DeviceLock Enterprise Server report: Relations Chart. Using this reporting option, system administrators can view relationships between users within the organization and with their external contacts. This report shows users connections for the following protocols: ICQ/AOL Messenger, IRC, Jabber, Agent, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MAPI, IBM Notes, SMTP, Web Mail, and Social Networks.
  • DeviceLock: Added ability to set specific DeviceLock Enterprise Server(s) list for collecting from particular user accounts or groups. When set, the DeviceLock Service sends its shadow copy and audit data generated by the named users/groups to the specified server which is assigned for these users/groups.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that caused inability of DeviceLock Enterprise Server to collect data from DeviceLock Services in IPv6-only environments.
  • DeviceLock: Added "Quick Filters" option to all log viewers. Using these options, administrators can quickly filter log data to display events for current day, current week, current month or current year using a single click.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed intermittent issue that caused data blocking failures when Content-Aware rules were set for Removable devices and the removable drives are unsafely removed from the system before the content verification finishes.

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